Random Photos Kefalonia:

Random Photo’s from the last week of my journeys around Argostoli, I am lazy these days leaving my full frame Nixon in its case and resorting to iphone with the +camera app. Kefalonia is a beautifull place to be, even in winter the sunshine burt’s through and blue skies can easily be found.

Storm’s over Kefalonia, from:November 2011

Photos taken by Chris from “Kefalonia New Homes” back in 2011

Forbidden Fruit’s………..

It seems that even the trickle of warmth that comes from the great sun god Helios is still enough to grow the sweetest of fruits, even in Winter we find an abundance of not only Harvest, but Beauty. Not far from Argostoli, in the village of Drapano I often drive past this orchard and have […]