taken from: Robert Bittlestone’s published article THE CONTINUING SEARCH FOR THE I SLAND KINGDOM OF ODYSSEUS Many assume that Ithaki, one of the Ionian Islands, is the site of ancient Ithaca, home to Odysseus, Greek hero of the Trojan war. However, some experts claim that the Paliki Peninsula, on nearby Cephalonia, conforms more closely to descriptions […]

Melissani Cave, Cave of the Nymphs

Melissani Cave, Cave of the Nymphs During the first exploration in 1951, an ancient lamp, which is now on display in the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, was found there. The excavations of 1962 were made by S. Marinos and produced few but important relics of a former Minoan culture on Cephalonia. Oil lamps, plates and […]