Skala, Kefalonia.. a quiet town …NO ? a Tourism HOTSPOT !!!

Skala is a famous coastal resort on the Greek island of Kefalonia, also popularly known as Cephalonia. Kefalonia is one of the largest western Greek islands. It is, in fact, one of the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Islands first were largely featured in Greek mythology and are steeped in Greek history and culture. Kefalonia is widely […]

Fiscardo a small yet popular town….

Fiscardo is a tiny, quaint village in the north of the Kefalonia region in Greece. Of the seven Ionian islands, it is the largest, and quite special because its architecture was left largely unharmed by the large 1953 earthquake that devastated most of Kefalonia. So, it holds a variety of artifacts that were undisturbed by the large quake. […]