Four Ancient shipwrecks found of the shores of Greece

Four previously unknown shipwrecks have been discovered some 30 kilometers off the Bay of Irakleio, Crete, in recent underwater exploration conducted by the ephorate of underwater antiquities. The new finds comprise two Roman era shipwrecks, one containing 1st and 2nd-century Cretan amphorae and the other containing 5th-7th century post-Roman era amphorae, and two shipwrecks containing […]

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H.M.Submarine Perseus 2007 Historical Story   Browse Holiday’s to Kefalonia

Return to Ancient Kefalonia Sami

The Acropolis of Sami, Kefalonia: Ancient Sami was a powerful fortified city of which the  ruins are found in  the  Mountain, over the port town of Sami Kefalonia. This town was an  independent state with its own coin’s  inhabited from the Paleolithic Times.  A strong and ancient populated town with strong fortifications, it was located […]

Holiday 2012 to Kefalonia ? YES PLEASE !!!!!!

£340 Panas Bungalows in Kefalonia, Greece The Hotel Panas Bungalows is 1 mile from the picturesque village of Spartia. They are surrounded by beautiful gardens, and a short walk from a nice beach. The bungalows are a good base from which to visit the rest of Kefalonia, with comfortable accomodation in pleasant surroundings. £306 Holidays to […]

Photos of Kefalonia by Niki Aggelou

Skala, Kefalonia.. a quiet town …NO ? a Tourism HOTSPOT !!!

Skala is a famous coastal resort on the Greek island of Kefalonia, also popularly known as Cephalonia. Kefalonia is one of the largest western Greek islands. It is, in fact, one of the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Islands first were largely featured in Greek mythology and are steeped in Greek history and culture. Kefalonia is widely […]

Fiscardo a small yet popular town….

Fiscardo is a tiny, quaint village in the north of the Kefalonia region in Greece. Of the seven Ionian islands, it is the largest, and quite special because its architecture was left largely unharmed by the large 1953 earthquake that devastated most of Kefalonia. So, it holds a variety of artifacts that were undisturbed by the large quake. […]