Journey through Mt Annos, a white knuckle ride

Mt Annos, something I have always stared at in awe: 5 miles through the mountain range at a slow crawl in my Silver Rav4. Dangerous boulder’s cover the roads and I am constantly having to get out and move them, swirling mists from the clouds along with a shortage of vision, 0.5miles from the end, […]

Kefalonia Animal Trust (KAT’s) -a worthy cause We are a very small group of people working together to improve the situation on the island. We spend all our money on sterilising as many owned and stray animals as we can afford.  We also pay for emergency treatments as needed. We have managed to find homes for a lot of animals, however, […]

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H.M.Submarine Perseus 2007 Historical Story   Browse Holiday’s to Kefalonia

a few thoughts on Kefalonia…

Kefalonia is a one of the Ionian Islands and probably is the most beautiful one. The name of this gorgeous island originated from Cephalus, “patriarch of all Cephalonians”, a hero in Greek mythology. Kefalonia is a region with many Greek Municipalities: Argostoli (capital); Eleios-Pronnoi; Erisos; Leivathos; Omala; Paliki; Pylaros; and Sami. With Caribbean-style light blue […]

Random Photos Kefalonia:

Random Photo’s from the last week of my journeys around Argostoli, I am lazy these days leaving my full frame Nixon in its case and resorting to iphone with the +camera app. Kefalonia is a beautifull place to be, even in winter the sunshine burt’s through and blue skies can easily be found.

Drogarati caves

Drogarati Cave Drogarati’s Cave, which is close to Sami, was discovered 300 years ago, when a part of it was destroyed because of a strong earthquake, and so the entrance was created. The cave’s depth is 60 meters from the ground level, the temperature is 18 C and the humidity is 90%. Initially, the cave […]

Ionian inspired Poem By D J Burnham

Ionian Jewel By D J Burnham Twisting roads and alpine views, Scenes steeped in epic wonder, Hidden lake blue crystal hues, Ancient caves to ponder. Church bells peal across the fields, In tones of conversation, Tending gardens, striking deals, They call their congregation. The twins ply their daily trade, Twixt Argostoli and Lixouri, Delivering cars […]