Kefalonia, Argostoli, Carnival 2012

Argostoli Woods, where the bombs fell.. Kefalonia ww2

Return to Ancient Kefalonia Sami

The Acropolis of Sami, Kefalonia: Ancient Sami was a powerful fortified city of which the  ruins are found in  the  Mountain, over the port town of Sami Kefalonia. This town was an  independent state with its own coin’s  inhabited from the Paleolithic Times.  A strong and ancient populated town with strong fortifications, it was located […]

Photos of Kefalonia by Niki Aggelou

Snow hits the island………..

1953 – the year Kefalonia lost everything…..An Earthquake in Paradise

Kefalonia History THE EARTHQUAKES OF 1953 The destructive earthquakes that hit the Ionian islands in 1953, lasted for almost two months; August and September (the smaller earthquakes lasted for at least six months). As a result of this, Kefalonia, Zante and Ithaca were completely destroyed. The destruction in Zante was also completed by a firebreak. […]

Adventures around the island….More Photo’s

“Kefalonia, island of Dreams..Every mountain is a view, every forest an adventure…there are so many secrets to this island and despite it’s size I suspect a lifetime here would not unearth even the basic’s. 4000 years of Death, Murder and war have left these lands scarred if you close your eyes and imagine this land […]