Journey through Mt Annos, a white knuckle ride

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Mt Annos, something I have always stared at in awe:

5 miles through the mountain range at a slow crawl in my Silver Rav4. Dangerous boulder’s cover the roads and I am constantly having to get out and move them, swirling mists from the clouds along with a shortage of vision, 0.5miles from the end, we find out the road had collapsed meaning the only way back was the way we came.. SEE MAP At this point my dearest wife to be burst into tear’s.

All in all a fun adventure for those that seek thrills, but be-warned this is no a journey for those that are ill equipped

With no mobile phone signal and nearest houses miles away, this could of easily turned into a desperate situation as turning the car around on a narrow Mount Annos road is just a slip of the clutch or a stall away from a Nightmare.

You know what,,,, dump the car back at the top roads take a walk your best bet, and do it on a sunny day with no clouds.

“Ill be back” though, what a weird and wonderful place to explore…

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