Kefalonia Animal Trust (KAT’s) -a worthy cause

Kefalonia Animal Trust (KATs)

We are a very small group of people working together to improve the situation on the island.

We spend all our money on sterilising as many owned and stray animals as we can afford.  We also pay for emergency treatments as needed.

We have managed to find homes for a lot of animals, however, it gets harder as each year goes by, and currently is almost impossible. Many tourists find and fall in love with a cat or dog and decide to commit to the expense and long wait for quarantine to end, this is not an easy thing to do, as that cuddly little kitten or puppy is going to be full grown by the time it comes home.

We spend the winter months on fund raising, we have bazaars, jumble sales, and social events.  During the summer months we have to rely on those kind people who pay into our bank account on direct debits or send cheques, and of course, the collecting tins which are scattered over the island.  We have ladies who knit to order and they use the wool which is sent to us and charge a donation for their time, ladies who make toys for sale, and almost anything we can think of to make a bob or two. When we neuter an animal we ask for a donation to be left in the tins at the vets and that also helps.

From January 2011 to August 2011 inclusive we raised a total of €11,979.36 this came from bazaars, jumble sales, collection tins and donations.

We have accounts here on the island and also a UK bank account to make it easier for people who make sterling donations, and the wonderful people who pay a direct debit into the account every month. Every so often we pay a sterling cheque into our sterling account here, before then transferring it into the Euro account.

In this same period we spent €11,922.00 on vet fees and €56.85 for the Post Office box.
The bulk of this money was used for neutering, each month we set aside a budget of €1,000 for this purpose, unfortunately, I almost always overspend, as each month when the budget is used at least one emergency comes in that cannot be left.

The bulk of our fundraising takes place in the winter months, then we hit the jumble sale, charity shop and bazaar route, hard work for all those involved but so worth it.

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