a few thoughts on Kefalonia…

Kefalonia is a one of the Ionian Islands and probably is the most beautiful one. The name of this gorgeous island originated from Cephalus, “patriarch of all Cephalonians”, a hero in Greek mythology. Kefalonia is a region with many Greek Municipalities: Argostoli (capital); Eleios-Pronnoi; Erisos; Leivathos; Omala; Paliki; Pylaros; and Sami. With Caribbean-style light blue waters, the beach has a stunning view and the weather is sunny most of the time, making a good beach destination to Europeans who like to enjoy natural beauties, and relax without spending too much money travelling outside the continent. There are also attractive mountains and lakes to visit. The warmest months to visit Kefalonia are between May and July, and this is the season that the island receives most of the tourists. This island has a full complex of resorts with good attendance that can provide a full relaxation and comfort to its visitors. Some of the most popular accommodations from Kefalonia are: Bazukatas Hotels & Villas; Katelios Hotels & Villas; Skala Hotels & Villas; Katelios Hotels & Villas; and Lourdas Hotels & Villas.


Car rental is available at the island, it’s easy and cheap to rent a car and it’s a very good option to travel around Kefalonia, as the tourist can freely stops in any place he wants. These cities haven’t only natural beauty. It also has museums, restaurants, archeological fields, monasteries, beautiful ports, and many other tourist attractions. The tourists would love to taste the food from this place, which produces a delicious and unique Greek olive oil. Kefalonia unites natural beauty and several attractions with economical prices affordable to any European visitor. Greece is in an economic crisis, what makes the country provides one of the lower prices of tourism in Europe, making Kefalonia a very good option to tourist’s next trip.


Argostoli is the capital of the island of Kefalonia. With a steadily growing permanent population of a little more than twelve thousand people, Argostoli is surprisingly active, having been built in a location which abuts a natural harbor and being used as the main transit point in and out of the entire island. Argostoli is notable for the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, which has a world class collection of Mycenaean artifacts, many of which are unique and more than three thousand years of age. Other notable sites in and around Argostoli are the Castle of Saint George, the Drepano Bridge, constructed by the British during the nineteenth century, the Venetian road Piccolo Gyro, and perhaps the most fascinating of all, the quite unique and downright incredible Swallow Holes of Katovothres, which take in seawater and channel it under the island of Kefalonia, emitting it on the other side after an underground transit of two weeks.


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