Forbidden Fruit’s………..

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It seems that even the trickle of warmth that comes from the great sun god Helios is still enough to grow the sweetest of fruits, even in Winter we find an abundance of not only Harvest, but Beauty.

Not far from Argostoli, in the village of Drapano I often drive past this orchard and have wanted to Photograph it, finally today was the day and as the sun began to fall, I parked the car up and wondered across the small field.

Strange looks from the owners of the land I wave with my right hand and shout “Sig-no-me, Photographi”

They wave back either thinking me a crazed tourist or some kind of fruit Enthusiast.

The Smell of the  crisp air filled with citrus as i got closer, the warm sunlight behind me and the glaze of the sun as you turn back.

Kefalonia is full of these pockets of treasure, tucked away in places you would not expect, Diamond’s that soon warm the cold winter and remind us that the sunshine is never far away.

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